HDS - 903 Stainless Steel
Water Dispenser
Free Standing
Cold / Hot / Ambient
Hot / Ambient
Heat Exchange System
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Model # HDT - 903 HDT - 902 HDS - 903 HDS - 902
Type Counter Top Free Standing
Dimension 42.5 X 45 X 46.5  cm 42.5 X 46.5 X 135  cm
Material of Casing
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Color Steel Color Steel
Material of Frame
Plastic / Stainless Steel
steel steel
Material of Heater Ceramic Heater from Japan  Ceramic Heater from Japan 
Watt Hot : 450W / Cold: 150W Hot : 750W  ,  Cold: 180W
Cold Tank (L) 1.5L   4L  
Hot Tank  (L) 3L 3L 8L 8L
Ambient Tank  (L) 9.5L 9.5L 15L 15L
Filtration Connect outside 5 stages, including one RO membrane
Touch Panel / Faucet / Button Button or Touch Panel Button or Touch Panel
  • Hot & Cold Exchange (All full boiled water) System is optional.
  • Touch Panel Control is optional.
  • Auto lock design on hot water switch.
  • Ceramic Heater, made in Japan, heating from the bottom of Hot tank to avoid water pollution.
  • Eco system, Timer for setting up the appliance start after 8H, 12H, 24H.
  • Smart 3 temperature display and control panel
  • Automatic water feeding system to avoid low water.
  • Automatic re-boiling system for constant temperature.
  • Safe Power circuit breaker.
  • Backup Thermostats : WAKO  (Japanese Brand)