HDT - 05 Alkaline Water Ionizer
Alkaline Water Ionizer
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 Model #  HDT - 05 Alkaline Water Ionizer
 Type Alkaline Water Ionizer
 Dimension 24 X 13 X 32 cm
 Faucet Dimension 10 X 25 X 26 cm (dia. 22cm)
 ORP Max. -650
 PH 5.5 ~ 10.0
 Electrodes 5 Platinum plate
 Watt 250W
 Flow Rate Max. 3.8L / minute
 Cleaning System each second automatic reverse cleaning for 1/50 second (3600 times per hour)
 Filter Material Silver activated carbon combined with UF membrane 0.01um, certified by JIS(Japan) / SGS (Taiwan)
 Filter Lifetime 12000 Liters
 Certification  TUV / ISO13485 / SGS
  • Alkaline Water Ionizer (Made in Japan by Hitachi Maxell)
  • Unique Electrodes Design Patent.
  • Automatic Reverse Cleaning Design Patent.
  • Automatic indicator alert for build-in filter replacement
  • TUV certification
  • Ionizer and UF membrane“MADE IN JAPAN” by “Hitachi Maxell,Ltd.”
  • The electrodes are "Platinum Electrode plates" with ”HitachiI” unique patent and High-End “Perfect Platinum PFC" Technology for electrodes surface treatment.
  • Water Ionizers are certified by TUV / ISO13485, and the UF membrane mixed with silver carbon filter cartridges are certified by JIS / SGS


Whole house water purification filtration, point of entry, POE


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