HDS - 163
Water Dispenser
Free Standing
Cold / Hot / Ambient
Color: White / Black


Model # HDS - 163
Type Open Tank / No Pressure
Dimension 42 X 50 X 135  cm
Material of Casing
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Material of Frame
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Cold Tank (L) 3L
Hot Tank  (L) 15L
Ambient Tank  (L) 7L
Watt Hot: 600W   Cold: 210W
Filtration 5 Stages, including RO membrane
Touch Panel / Faucet / Button Button
  • Cold & Hot water exchange system.
  • All fully boiled water.
  • LED Display for Water Temp.
  • Continuous water out flowing
  • Re-boiling
  • Leakage Circuit Breaker
  • Water Level Detector
  • Hot Water Lock
  • Stainless steel water tanks
  • PCB Control
  • Timer for setting Sterilizing schedule
  • 304 stainless steel water tanks



Traditional RO appliance Quick-Change Visible Filters meets NSF requirements made in Taiwan, perfect to fit water dispenser.

Whole house water purification filtration, point of entry, POE