Water Dispenser
Counter Top
Touch Panel
RO system is optional


Model # HDT - 203 HDS - 203
Type Counter Top Free Standing
Dimension 30.5 X 50 X 60  cm 30.5 X 50 X 118  cm
Material of Casing
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Material of Frame
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Material of Heater Food degree stainless steel
Cold Tank (L) 2L 4L
Hot Tank  (L) 3L 8.5L
Ambient Tank  (L) 5L 7L
Filtration 5 stages
Membrane RO
Touch Panel / Faucet / Button Touch panel
LED Light on dispensing place V
ECO, Engergy saving V
UV Lamp V
Leak Detector V
LCD Screen V
  • Re-boil
  •  Leakage Detection
  •  Out of order Indication
  •  No inlet water warning
  •  UV change Indication
  •  Filter Change indication
  •  High temperature warning
  •  Light Sensor
  •  Removable Anti-dust cover
  •  Eco system for Power-saving
  •  Shut Down Timer for Enery-Saving
  •  Keep water warm in setting temperature
  •  Food degree stainless steel Faucet