HDO - 04
Drinking Water Fountain
Cold / Ambient
Ambient Only
Cold Only
Laser Customized Logo


Model # HDO - 04
Type Wall-mounted 
Dimension 36 x 87 x 89.5 cm
Material of Casing
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Stainless steel
Material of Frame
Plastic / Stainless Steel
Stainless steel
Filtration Connect outside
Touch Panel / Faucet / Button Faucet
  • Unique and slim design is suitable for public place
  • All frames, basin and casing are made by stainless steel
  • Filtration or cooling system are optional by demand
  • Wall-mounted Water Fountains


Laser Customized Logo on faucet, appliance cover, water dispenser casing, frame, housing brackets, UV Lamp Housing, Wrench

Commercial RO water purifier for  restaurant, office, factory and public place, made in Taiwan