HDT - 103S
Water Dispenser
Counter Top
RO system is optional
Soda water is optional


Model # HDT - 103 HDT - 103S HDS - 103 HDS- 103S
Type Counter Top Free Standing
Dimension 30.5 X 50 X 60  cm 30.5 X 50 X 118  cm
Material of Casing
Plastic / Stainless Steel
steel steel
Material of Frame
Plastic / Stainless Steel
steel steel
Material of Heater Food degree stainless steel Food degree stainless steel
Cold Tank (L) 2L 2L
Hot Tank  (L) 3L 8.5L
Soda Tank  (L)   2L   2L
Ambient Tank  (L) 5L 8L
Filtration 5 stages 5 stages
Membrane RO RO
Touch Panel / Faucet / Button Touch panel Touch panel
LED Light on dispensing place V V
ECO, Engergy saving V V
UV Lamp V V
Leak Detector V V
LCD Screen V V
  •  Re-boil
  •  Leakage Detection
  •  Out of order Indication
  •  No inlet water warning
  •  UV change Indication
  •  Filter Change indication
  •  High temperature warning
  •  Fiber optic light guide
  •  SODA Regulator
  •  Build-in cup holder
  •  IRS light-sensitive device
  •  Removable Anti-dust cover
  •  Elegant design by arc display panel
  •  Watch Dog system for Power-saving
  •  Shut Down Timer for Enery-Saving
  •  Keep water warm in setting temperature
  •  Food degree stainless steel Faucet